Genital Warts

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Genital Warts - Symptoms, Transmission and Treatment

Nowadays, the viral infection of warts is considered one of the most common and widespread sexually transmitted diseases. An estimated, 50-70% of sexually active individuals will contract HPV in their lifetime, and there is a 70% chance that any unprotected sexual intercourse with a person infected with the virus will also infect his/her partner.

Genital Warts treatment with CO2 Laser

Treatment of genital warts with CO2 Laser is the most effective method of fighting warts and is much faster than the use of creams that take several weeks to act. In addition, using the CO2 Laser achieves not only the treatment of superficial symptoms, but the problem is treated from the root. Laser treatment selectively targets only the existing warts leaving the surrounding healthy skin intact. CO2 Laser treatment is characterized by the absence of post-operative pain and scarring, while the aesthetic result is excellent. Genital Warts treatment with CO2 Laser is bloodless, painless, and scar-free and the treatment of the problem is often definitive in a single session. It has also been shown by clinical studies that applying lasers to warts is also associated with a lower risk of recurrence, as their reappearance afterwards is significantly reduced.

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Genital Warts


The human papilloma virus (HPV) is the most common cause of sexually transmitted diseases. There are about 70 different genotypes of HPV and they are divided into high-risk and low-risk. The former are responsible for the development of various malformations, as well as for the development of cancer, especially cervical cancer. The latter are mainly associated with warts, with HPV genotypes 6&11 being responsible for 90% of cases.

The transmission of warts is mainly through sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal, or orogenital), as well as through any contact with the skin or mouth. Transmission of warts is easiest when clinically visible warts are present, whereas in subclinical cases transmission of warts is significantly less, but not non-existent. The appearance of warts occurs either in internal or external areas of the genital organs (internal warts and external warts). In many cases, there is also extensive spread to the surrounding areas. The virus enters the skin and mucous membranes through small lesions in the genital area, which are formed during sexual intercourse.

Genital Warts


Today, thanks to the HPV DNA Test, it is possible to make an accurate diagnosis of warts and HPV infections and identify the type of virus responsible for the lesion. We can also determine whether the virus is low or high risk. It is applied to all HPV lesions in both men and women by taking a cervical smear in women or a tissue sample from the lesion in men.

At Cosmetic Derma Medicine, DNA Test is performed in all cases of recurrent genital warts and HPV infections. Our Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Department provides a full range of genital warts treatment, even in a single visit.

This is achieved with CO2 Laser treatment, combined with Surgical treatment where required. Genital warts treatment aims to treat warts radically, where possible, in order to prevent infection or the development of symptoms in the future.

Genital Warts


Although in some cases genital warts can disappear on their own, it is recommended to treat them immediately. Depending on the number and size of the lesions, warts can be treated with the following methods:

  • Genital Warts treatment with Cryotherapy

    This is an easy method that is being used for more than 50 years for the treatment of genital warts. The lesions are cooled either directly, with liquid nitrogen injected in the form of a spray or through a cryoderm. Usually, no local anesthesia is used and pain is well-tolerated. It is considered a safe method for genital warts treatment, which can also be applied during pregnancy. It should be repeated every 1-2 weeks until the complete disappearance of the lesions. As a treatment for genital warts, it is inferior to laser as it causes greater damage and scarring and is associated with higher recurrence rates.

  • Treatment of genital warts with Cauterizing

    When the lesions are few in number, they can be destroyed by electrothermal therapy under local anesthesia. The treatment of warts with cauterizing is inferior to laser treatment as it causes a great deal of thermal damage to healthy tissue and scarring. There is postoperative pain and bleeding and the recurrence rate is quite high.

  • Surgical removal of warts

    Genital Warts surgical removal is applied in exceptional cases and mainly when we have their development on phimosis where circumcision is performed, as well as in neglected cases, when the lesions congregate in single hyperplastic plaques and do not respond to local wart treatment or develop on hemorrhoids areas. In exceptional cases, full-thickness skin grafts may be required.