Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation (otherwise known as breast implant surgery) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures among women. For women, the size, shape and function of their breasts is very important.

In general, breast image standards vary depending on the time and environment in which a woman lives. Often, some malformation of the breast related to its shape, size and position can create significant psychological problems. Women who choose to have breast augmentation seek to improve their appearance while boosting their self-confidence and femininity.

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Surgery Infos

Breast augmentation (breast plastic surgery) is performed under general anesthesia and silicone implants are placed using various techniques. The special silicone implants are divided into smooth-surface and rough-surface depending on the texture of their outer surface. They are placed under the mammary gland or under the pectoralis major muscle. The classic accesses for insertion and insertion are axillary (when the insert is inserted through an incision made in the axilla, peripapillary (when the incision is made around the areola) and submastric (where the incision is made in the skin of the breast crease).

The lower perithecal approach is usually preferred and a tracheal surface insertion under the pectoralis major muscle is usually placed. This technique offers the most natural results and reduces the possibility of complications and capsule formation. The type and size of the implant depends on the original breast volume, as well as the desired result. The total duration of the surgery is 1-1 ½ hours, and the patient remains in the clinic for one night. After surgery, the patient usually wears a special bra for a period of one month.

In cases where there is also a breast drop, it is recommended that the breast surgery be performed in combination with a breast lift.

What you need to know

  • Which women are targeted

    Women who notice that their breasts have lost their volume and shape, after major weight loss or pregnancy, as well as those who would like to have larger breasts should contact a qualified plastic surgeon for breast augmentation.

  • Lifetime of the inserts

    Silicone implants used for breast augmentation (breast plastic surgery) have a lifespan of more than 10 years. There are implants that have a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. However, a woman may choose to change them after a number of years due to age, pregnancy, etc. In most cases, the inserts do not need to be changed.

  • Postoperative course

    A pressure bandage is applied after the operation. The first change is made on the 7th day after the operation when the pressure dressing is removed and the patient can take a bath. A mild massage can help to remove the swelling and decongest the area. Stitches are removed at 15 days and avoiding vigorous hand movement and exercise is recommended for the first month.


Complications are not common and are limited by proper application of the appropriate technique, placement of the appropriate size implant, prophylactic antibiotic treatment and patient compliance with instructions. The main complications are hematoma formation (which will require drainage), inflammation and scar capsule formation around the graft. The scar capsule, if created, may alter the outcome of the operation and may require re-operation to remove it.

After breast augmentation surgery, you may experience swelling, numbness in the breast area or bruising, which will subside within a month. In addition, hypersensitivity of the breasts or nipples may occur, but usually the symptoms subside after a maximum of six months. The appearance of the scars from the surgery softens over time. Post-operative pain can be managed with analgesics, and the patient can return to mild work after 1-2 weeks and to full activity in 3-4 weeks. As far as breastfeeding is concerned, if appropriate implants are used, it is not affected in any way.

Results & Infos

The result of breast augmentation is immediately visible, while its details become visible after about 3-12 weeks, that is, once the swelling subsides.

The silicone implants used in breast augmentation last more than 10 years and are American-made and of high quality.

In some cases, a woman may want to replace the implants after a few years due to age, pregnancy, or because she wants a different breast size. Primarily, however, the inserts do not require replacement.