Body Thread Lift

Dermal, bio-absorbable Body Threads are revolutionizing the way we lift and treat skin sagging problem in face and body.

Body Thread Lift
Dr. Konstantina Mamali Dermatologist – Venereologist

“Dermal, bio-absorbable Body Threads achieve all the spectacular results of invasive lifting, but without surgery and recovery time. Over time, the skin’s supportive tissue “ages”, which becomes visible in the facial contours and sagging-prone areas of the body such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and chest,” explains the Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Konstantina Mamali.

Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Konstantina Mamali


There are 2 basic types of threads that are applied to the body, PDO Threads and COG Threads.

In the case of PDO Threads, the qualified doctor inserts the ultra-thin PDO Threads horizontally or vertically – depending on the needs of the problematic area – with the help of a very small needle, creating a grid that holds the loosened skin, giving tightening and improving the texture of the skin.

The procedure for inserting COG Threads is simple and can optionally be preceded by the application of a local anesthetic cream. The qualified practitioner inserts the serrated COG Threads, also known as Anchor Threads, along a selected track – predetermined according to the needs of the problematic area – and then these threads are stretched, causing an immediate visible lift.

Both PDO and COG Threads are fully absorbable and the number used depends on the needs of the area to be treated. Microtrauma stimulates local production of new Collagen and Elastin and therefore the results of the method increase over time.

Areas Of Application

Body Threads can be safely applied to any area of the body where there is skin sagging, especially to:

  • Face – Neck
  • Chest – Chest – Arms
  • Belly
  • Thighs – Buttocks
  • Knees
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Before – After Results

The results of Body Thread treatment using COG Threads are visible immediately after their application, while in the case of PDO Threads the anaplastic results are gradually perfected.

In both cases, the bio-dermal threads are absorbed within 6-8 months and their effect can reach 1.5-2 years, depending on the degree of relaxation that previously existed.


Body Thread Lift

Are Body Threads safe?

The bioabsorbable injectable Polydioxanone threads, apart from the impressive results they offer in Cosmetic Dermatology, are used in numerous other medical interventions in the field of Cardiac Surgery and Ophthalmology.

At Cosmetic Derma Medicine, as a specialized clinic for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, the Body Threads that are used have “CE Certification” proving their safety for medical use, making them even safer and minimizing the chances of complications.

What are Threads made of?

The main ingredient of threads is Polydioxanone. Threads are inserted with the help of an atraumatic needle under the surface of the skin, lifting and improving the texture of the problematic area.

What are the advantages of Body Threads?

Body Threads have several advantages over surgical procedures:

  • It is a bloodless, painless and minimally invasive procedure
  • It allows the patient to immediately return to daily activities and work
  • They provide a perfectly natural result
  • The results of the treatment last for more than a year
  • In addition to the tightening and lifting effects, the healing and collagenogenesis process is also stimulated, resulting in improved skin texture.

Why should I choose Cosmetic Derma Medicine for Body Threads treatment?

Cosmetic Derma Medicine Medical Group is the most modern and specialized medical group in Greece and Cyprus, with more than 15 years of experience in Aesthetic Dermatology & Plastic Surgery. It holds certifications from international organizations and has been honored with several awards in Greece and abroad for the quality of services, as well as contribution to employment and medical tourism.

Its doctors are invited as speakers at all national and international conferences and every year it organizes workshops for the training of young doctors in its facilities with a large participation from Greece and abroad. We attach great importance to the use of the best equipment and materials and can guarantee excellent application and results in the treatments we offer.

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