Fractional Laser CO2

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Fractional Laser CO2

We would all like to stop the signs of time and get smooth and firm skin, free of discoloration and wrinkles. Fractional Laser is one of the most effective tools that modern cosmetic dermatology has in its hands, which can give spectacular results in such a short time and without any pain.

See below the benefits of Fractional Laser CO2 treatment, take advantage of our unique offer and enjoy our high-quality services.

Treatment Duration From 10 minutes – depending on the application areas
Result Appears 10 days after treatment – Final results after completing a set of sessions
Results Duration Permanently
Cost Starts at 89€ (session price per package deal)
Technique Non-invasive treatment
Doctor’s Specialty Aesthetician, Dermatologist
Pain Level Painless
Anaesthesia Local anesthetic cream
Recovery Time Face redness for the first hours after treatment
Consultation Appointment Free of charge

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The top treatment for dilated pores

If you are concerned about dilated pores, discolorations and marks on the face, then Fractional Laser treatment is exactly what you need, explains Dr. Konstantina Mamali, Dermatologist – Aphrodisiologist.

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Discover how Fractional Laser can change your skin!

It is not by chance one of the most popular facial treatments! The application of Fractional Laser CO2 to the face deeply rejuvenates the skin, erases small wrinkles and imperfections, tightens and provides brightness and radiance.

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Why is Fractional Laser a top treatment for skin regeneration?

It regenerates, tightens, gives uniform color and rejuvenates! Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura, Dermatologist – Aphrodisiologist, explains the advantages of Fractional Laser CO2 and why it has a place among our favorite facial treatments.

Is there a definitive cure for acne scars?

Dr. Sevasti Afantenou, Dermatologist – Aphrodisiologist explains how Fractional Laser CO2 works on acne scars and marks.

The best treatment for stretch marks

White or red, Fractional Laser is one of the best treatments for stretch marks, says Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura, Dermatologist – Aphrodisiologist. And the fresher they are, the faster they will fade, so don’t delay treatment!

Top combo facial treatment!

The application of Fractional Laser offers smooth and luminous skin, without imperfections and discolorations, while the autologous PRP mesotherapy that completes the Total Plasma Lift treatment deeply hydrates and activates the natural tightening process.

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What is it

The CO2 Fractional Laser claims its renaming to “Lifting without a scalpel” offering fast and impressive renewal of the tired face. It is one of the most effective tools in the hands of modern cosmetic dermatology, which can give spectacular results in such a short time and without any pain.

Most of us have wished we could slow down the signs of aging. Thanks to the revolutionary CO2 Fractional Laser anti-aging treatment, we can now reverse the signs of aging and look as young as we feel. It is one of the most widely used methods worldwide for skin reconstruction and facial rejuvenation.

The CO2 Fractional Laser is the only laser that performs substantial facial regeneration and collagen cell reconstruction, eliminating the signs of time. In addition to its ability to stimulate skin fibroblasts, it also removes damaged and aged cells. CO2 Fractional Laser treatment, also called Laser Skin Resurfacing, because of its ability to “give birth” to, essentially, new skin in the area.

State-of-the-art equipment

At Cosmetic Derma Medicine, we have state-of-the-art CO2 Fractional Laser system which splits the laser beams into dozens of thin beams that selectively scan the entire surface of the skin. The powerful laser beam acts deep into the skin and removes aged cells. By its action, it “wakes up” the fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and elastin, making our skin more radiant, youthful and firm.

The innovation of the CO2 Fractional Laser, compared to older CO2 Lasers, is based on the fact that we can act on specific points, instead of intervening on a larger surface area. The laser’s operation alters the structure of the tissue beneath the epidermis, creating an ideal environment for continuous collagen and elastin regeneration. Its advanced technology allows for personalized treatment, respecting the specificities and needs of each skin, as it allows the intensity, duration and depth of light penetration to be adjusted, making treatment possible even during the summer months.

Areas Of Application

The main areas where Fractional Laser is applied to the face and body are:

  • Face
  • The area around the eyes
  • Neck
  • Neckline
  • Hands
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Acne scars
  • Skin stretch marks
  • Scars from trauma, surgery or burns

Fractional Laser Treatments

The CO2 Fractional Laser has an advantage over previous techniques, as it has the ability to act on the epidermal cells, as well as to isolate its action in the deeper layers of the epidermis. When it penetrates the deeper layers, it leaves the outer layer of the skin intact and achieves new tissue formation underneath the epidermis. The CO2 Fractional Laser has amazing results on sun- or acne- damaged skin, but can also be applied as a preventative treatment to younger individuals.

The revolutionary CO2 Fractional Laser treatment “erases” the imperfections of time, providing youthful skin in just a few sessions. At the same time, it offers a complete relief from recent acne scars left over from adolescence and gives you smooth and soft skin. By activating the skin’s new collagen and elastin production process, it offers a glowing skin and eliminates scars, discolorations and wrinkles. It has an advantage over other methods as it is the only treatment that can erase red skin stretch marks and even minimize the white ones.

It is also often used in the treatment of other skin conditions such as warts, freckles, melasma, as well as hemangiomas or age spots. CO2 Fractional Laser is also used in cases of scars and marks offering correction and elimination of these.

At the same time, it helps in skin regeneration, improving wrinkles as well as treating papillomas and seborrheic hyperkeratosis. The advantages of the method include its ease of application, which makes it a simple and painless method, with an immediate return to daily activities. It achieves the benefits of invasive lifting without requiring a long recovery time.

How it is applied

  • BEFORE the Treatment

    • Identification and diagnosis of the area that needs laser application
    • Thorough cleansing of the face, removal of make-up and other foreign bodies (e.g. jewellery)
    • In cases of extensive damage, a local anaesthetic cream is administered to prevent pain
    • Special protective goggles are applied to the patient.
  • DURING the Treatment

    • Adjustment of the special spot size of the laser to size and shape so that no part of the skin is left uncovered
    • Scanning the entire surface of the skin of the face or neck
  • AFTER the Treatment

    • For 5 minutes, cold patches are applied to the surface of the skin where the laser was performed
    • A local antibiotic cream is applied as a preventive measure
    • The use of sunscreen is recommended if the area is exposed to sunlight

Total Plasma Lift

To achieve even better results, CO2 Fractional Laser can be combined with Autologous Mesotherapy, which utilizes the regenerative properties of the activated platelets of our blood, accelerating and increasing the rate of skin regeneration. The impressive results of the treatment make it the ideal choice for those who want a completely non-invasive method of facial regeneration that will painlessly, easily and quickly provide a younger-looking skin.

The Revolutionary Combination of Fractional CO2 & Autologous Facial Mesotherapy

  • Preparation

    Local anesthesia with cream 30 minutes before the treatment

  • Treatment

    Duration does not exceed 30 minutes

  • Maintenance

    4-6 sessions per year for amazing results