Spider Veins Treatment

The treatment of spider veins concerns the very common dermatological problem of spider veins, hemangiomas and other pathological conditions of the superficial veins of the skin, which afflict men and women equally and worsen over time.

Spider Veins Treatment
Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura Dermatologist – Venereologist

“The appearance of unsightly and often painful varicose veins and other vascular lesions is due to the coexistence of many factors, hereditary and non-hereditary, and they can be located anywhere on the body and face. Until recently, the treatment of vascular lesions was difficult and not particularly effective with significant patient suffering. Now with the new generation of vascular damage lasers, the problem is solved in a targeted and effective way with zero recovery time” explains Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura.

Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura


There are various methods of treating spider veins. The treatment of spider veins with micro-thermocoagulation, the main method of treatment of the past decade, as well as the use of topical preparations-ointments rich in flavonoids, do not yield particularly impressive results.

The most appropriate methods of treatment of spider veins that we apply at Cosmetic Derma Medicine are:

  • Laser Treatment of Spider Veins
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Surgical Treatment of Varicose Veins (in the lower limbs)

Available treatments

The most appropriate methods of Spider Veins Treatment that we apply in Cosmetic Derma Medicine are:

  • Laser Treatment for Spider Veins Treatment

    This is the most advanced, fast, easy and painless method of treating spider veins with a diameter of less than 2mm. Our latest generation ND-Yag Candela laser for spider veins targets at selective photothermolysis of veins by emitting a focused beam of light with a wavelength of 1064nm. The absorption of the thermal energy emitted is exclusively by the veins, causing the destruction of their walls and their gradual absorption by the body, while at the same time tightening and improving the texture of the epidermis. It is the ideal method of treatment of small spider angiomas, spider veins occupying a large area of the legs and the only treatment for facial spider veins.

    Laser for the treatment of facial spider veins is the treatment of choice when the veins are located anywhere on the face. These are tiny veins near the surface of the skin that resemble very fine red, purple or blue wavy lines. The medical term is telangiectasias. They usually appear on the surface of the nose, cheeks and more rarely on the chin. There is no obvious cause of their appearance. Spider veins tend to develop over the years as our skin and blood vessels lose their elasticity. In the facial area specifically, they can also be caused by the effects of sunlight, hereditary causes, acne rosacea, long-term systemic use of corticosteroids, and mechanical injury to the facial skin.

    Laser removal of facial spider veins is quick, easy and effective. The laser used for the treatment of facial spider veins is the Nd-YAG laser. It uses a focused beam of light of a specific wavelength (1064 nm) that targets the blood pigment, hemoglobin, resulting in the selective uptake of its energy by the blood vessel and its destruction due to an increase in its temperature.

    The selective uptake of the energy of the facial spider vein laser gives it the important advantage of leaving the surrounding tissues intact. Over the next few weeks, these veins are absorbed by the body and disappear. No special preparation is required before applying the facial spider vein laser. It is applied on clean skin so it is advisable to avoid applying any product before the treatment, such as makeup or creams with color.

  • Sclerotherapy

    The method of Sclerotherapy with polydocanol is a very effective and safe treatment for the elimination of unsightly enlarged veins with a diameter of more than 2mm and spider veins of the lower limbs. During the Treatment of Vascular Lesions with Sclerotherapy, the special sclerosing substance is injected intravenously into the dilated venous stems of the lower limbs, which have a deficiency of their valves, resulting in abnormal blood stasis and dilatation.

    At the same time, a significant improvement is achieved in the clinical symptoms that usually accompany lower limb spider veins, such as swollen legs, burning sensation and pain. Sclerotherapy is the most common and popular treatment for spider veins and is performed without anesthesia. The duration of the treatment does not exceed 30 minutes. For the best treatment of the problem, Sclerotherapy can be perfectly combined with Laser Treatment of Spider Veins and cannot be used for the treatment of facial spider veins. Furthermore, it is not indicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women or women taking birth control pills.

  • Varicose Surgery Spider Veins Treatment

    Unlike spider veins, varicose veins often pose a health risk if left untreated. Varicose veins are diagnosed by clinical examination and a qualified Vascular Surgeon will recommend the appropriate method of Spider Veins Treatment. The invasive method of treating varicose veins is recommended in individual cases and recovery time is required.

Treatment with Laser ND-Yag

The process of laser treatment of varicose veins includes the following stages:

Initially, the use of a local anesthetic cream precedes the treatment, while during the treatment it is necessary to wear special protective glasses. The procedure involves placing the head of the most suitable ND-Yag Candela spider vein laser on the skin surface of the area where the spider veins we wish to treat are located and then applying successive laser shots along them. Throughout the Laser Spider Veins Treatment, the spray of cooling spray from the head’s built-in cool air emission system before, during and at the end of each pulse makes the treatment short, completely safe and painless. The thermal damage caused to the treated spider veins results in the destruction of the veins, their natural absorption over the following weeks and their eventual disappearance.

Immediately after the session of Laser Vein Treatment, a burning or tingling sensation may be observed locally, which subsides immediately after the application. The use of sunscreen after treatment in the areas of the spider veins is essential to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Although the number and duration of sessions depends on the extent and shape of the enlarged veins, 2-4 sessions are usually required in order to eliminate any residual abnormal veins

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Spider Veins Treatment

What are the causes of Spider Veins?

Spider Veins, as Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura emphasizes, occur mainly in the female gender and are particularly common in the white race. Spider Veins appear on the skin of the face and body, initially as small superficial veins, red, purple or blue in colour, and may appear as linear, stellate or diffuse, covering larger areas of our skin.

On the face, they occur due to overexposure to sunlight, rosacea, hereditary factors, normal aging, chronic use of steroids and contraceptives, pregnancy, the presence of systemic diseases and mechanical injury to the skin during cleansing and waxing. Many times, spider veins are caused by various autoimmune diseases or can also occur during pregnancy.

In the body, Spider Veins can be found anywhere, with greater frequency in the lower limbs – especially in women – and their cause is due to factors such as heredity, standing, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, venous insufficiency, obesity, solar radiation and injuries.

What are the categories of Spider Veins?

Spider Veins, depending on their type, are divided into:

  • Hemangiomas (Benign – usually congenital)
  • Tuberous angiomas or telangiectasias
  • Angiokeratomas
  • Pyogenic granuloma (Acute or necrotic)
  • Venous pools
  • Rosacea Disease
  • Poikiloderma of Civatte
  • Spider Angioma

Correct diagnosis of the type of spider veins is particularly important so that the most appropriate treatment method can be selected. Early diagnosis and treatment of spider veins prevents the spread of symptoms and leads to greater effectiveness of the treatment in question.

What are the symptoms of Spider Veins?

Spider Veins as mentioned above, appear in the form of a grid of blue or red lines. However, there are some main symptoms that appear locally at the site of the spider veins and include:

  • Itch
  • Pain
  • Feeling of weight
  • Burning sensation
  • Muscle cramps
  • Numbness
  • Swelling (puffiness)

What are the stages of venous insufficiency?

Spider Veins, if not treated in time, can lead to venous insufficiency. The stages of venous insufficiency are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Spider Veins
  • Stage 2: Varicose veins
  • Stage 3: Varicose veins with swelling
  • Stage 4: Varicose veins with lipodermatosclerosis
  • Stage 5: Ulcer healed
  • Stage 6: Active ulcer

Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura explains that spider veins are swollen veins that usually appear on the legs, below the knee and on the thighs. They are caused by reflux of blood, which instead of returning to the heart, due to inadequate vein valves, moves in the opposite direction and pools in the lower limbs. The result is the formation of unsightly ‘cord-like’ varicose veins and swelling. However, the problem is not only aesthetic, but also medical as it is linked to significant problems in blood circulation.

What are the advantages of Laser Spider Vein Treatment?

Laser treatment of spider veins has significant advantages over other methods, such as surgical treatment. In particular:

  • It is bloodless and painless
  • It is carried out with absolute precision and targets the site of the spider veins
  • It is very precise and precise and it is targeted precisely and precisely at the site of the lesion and does not require any incisions or scarring.

Why should I choose Cosmetic Derma Medicine for the Treatment of Spider Veins?

Cosmetic Derma Medicine Medical Group is the largest and most specialized medical group in the field of Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, with over 16 clinics in Greece and Cyprus.

The Scientific Director of Cosmetic Derma Medicine is Dermatologist – Aphrodisiologist Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura, while the staff consists of a medical team of highly experienced and specialized doctors of many different specialties, as well as a fully qualified team of nurses. Our team is at your side every day, 24/7 for whatever you need.

At Cosmetic Derma Medicine, under the supervision of Dr. Sophia Konstantinidou, Vascular Surgeon and Scientific Director of the Vascular Department of the Clinic, we apply both sclerotherapy for the treatment of lower extremity spider veins and the latest generation Nd-YAG Laser for spider veins, hemangiomas and other spider veins on the face, body and lower extremities.

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