Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal on Face, Body and Prices

Permanent Laser Hair Removal with Alexandrite Candela Pro in Dermatology Clinics

If you are tired of wax and halawa, if the razor is not (anymore!) your best friend, if you are bothered by pimples, twisted hairs and irritation after waxing, then it’s time to book your first session for Laser hair removal with Alexandrite.

After all, it’s one of the most popular cosmetic medicine procedures in the world for a reason! For it to be preferred by millions of people, of all ages, for permanent and permanent hair removal on every part of the body and face, they must know something! Time for you to find out too!

  • Hair removal with the latest generation Alexandrite Laser

  • Permanent hair removal on body and face

  • Pain-free session even in the most sensitive areas

  • Visible results in just a few sessions

  • Adjusting the Laser for a result on light hair

  • Possibility to choose a male or female aesthetician for the session

  • Affordable hair removal for everyone

  • 15 Dermatology Clinics in Greece & Cyprus

  • The health of your skin is our priority

Treatment Duration From 10 minutes, depending the face or body area
Result Appears In 15 days
Results Duration Up to 6 months
Cost Starts at 13€ (for students)
Create your own laser hair removal package Αnd win more!
Technique Injectable, non-invasive treatment
Doctor’s Specialty Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon
Pain Level Painless
Anaesthesia Local anesthetic cream
Recovery Time Zero time is needed
Consultation Appointment Free of charge

Combine face & body areas and win more!

Category 1: legs, arms, back, chest 55€/area
Category 2: bikini, underarms, full face, shoulders, abdomen, belly, loins, penis, buttocks 30€/area
Category 3: upper lip, chin, cheeks, cheekbones, midriff, neck, neckline, collar, belly line, breast line, nipples, fingers 15€/area
* Prices are valid for the purchase of a package of more than 3 sessions.

Lifetime laser hair removal deal face & body

Lifetime full face 890€
Lifetime full body – woman 1990€
Lifetime full body – man 2490€
Pay once and get as many sessions as you need -and whenever!- to enjoy velvety skin, permanently free of hair growth.


Maintenance prices

Women’s Laser Hair Removal Happy hour/ Students Deal of more than 3 sessions Single session
1 Facial area 13€ 20€ 25€
Full face 25€ 35€ 37€
Armpits 25€ 35€ 37€
Hands 46€ 46€ 64€
Breasts or Chest line 13€ 20€ 25€
Stomach line 13€ 20€ 25€
Belly 46€ 46€ 64€
Bikini 36€ 45€ 51€
Buttocks or Loins 46€ 46 € 64€
Shins or Thighs 58€ 65€ 74€
Fingers 13€ 20€ 25€
Full Body 164€ 174€ 209€

Area Maintenance price
1 facial area 9€
Full face 10€
Armpits 15€
Hands 20€
Breasts or Chest line 9€
Stomach line 9€
Belly 10€
Bikini 15€
Buttocks or Loins 20€
Shins or Thighs 25€
Fingers 9€
Full Body 80€



Cosmetic Derma Medicine


The specialized medical team, modern medical methods and the modern and luxurious spaces of the clinics offer the ultimate experience of hospitality, service and provision of health and beauty services.

To shave or not to shave before Laser hair removal?

If you have not been told to shave before your laser hair removal appointment – or if you are not shaved on the spot at the dermatology clinic – then it is likely that you will not see the desired result. Dr. Amalia Chiatura, Dermatologist – Aphrodisiologist, explains why.

Can I get laser hair removal if I have a tattoo?

The way laser hair removal works makes the situation more complicated if you have tattoos in the area you want to wax. Watch the video and your questions will be answered!

@cdm_gr #laser Αποτρίχωση και Τατουάζ! Τι συμβαίνει σε αυτή την περίπτωση; Γράψε μας στα σχόλια⬇️⬇️⬇️ #laseralexandrite #laserhairremoval #Laser #fypシ゚viral #cosmeticdermamedicine #drtsiatoura @Amalia Tsiatoura #viral_video #tattoo #tattoolover #tattoolaser #fypp ♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος – Cosmetic Derma Medicine

Why don’t the hairs fall out after Laser hair removal?

Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura, Dermatologist – Aphrodisiologist, answers a very common question of those who undergo Laser hair removal and explains why hair can remain after the session.

Irritation on the skin after Laser?

Although the irritation can be annoying, in reality this image after Laser waxing is a sign that the job is done!!!

@cdm_gr Τι μπορεί να συμβεί μετά το Laser;;; Μην ανησυχείς✅ Εμπιστεύσου τους ειδικούς για περισσότερα👌🏽😉 ##laseralexandrite##fypシ゚viral##cosmeticdermamedicine##fypp##viralvideo##hair##drtsiatoura##Laser##afterlaser##viralvideo ♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος – Cosmetic Derma Medicine

The two areas where you will see results very quickly!

The Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal is the solution for permanent hair removal – and we all know it!

Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura, Dermatologist – Aphrodisiologist, points out the two areas on the body that “react” extremely well to this treatment.

@cdm_gr Η Δρ @Amalia Tsiatoura εξηγεί: Laser Αποτρίχωση με αλεξανδρίτη👉 Η ιδανική επιλογή για να αντιμετωπίσεις την τριχοφυΐα και να απαλλαγείς οριστικά! #c#cosmeticdermamedicined#drtsiatouraf#fypシ゚virall#laserl#lasercutting ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim


YouTube video

Latest generation machines

Laser Hair Removal with Alexandrite Laser is the most specific and effective method of hair removal with an emission frequency of 755nm. The Diode Laser emits monochromatic light with a wavelength of 805nm and targets more brown hairs than the Alexandrite Laser.

Finally, the ND-YAG Laser emits at 1064nm and is an ideal choice for tanned and darker skin (phototypes IV & V), for extremely stubborn hair growth in hormone-dependent areas of the body and for the treatment of spider veins.

Laser hair removal

Step by step

1st Step

The aesthetician carefully cleans the area to be depilated so that there is no fear of infection. If the area needs shaving, she does so and then draws with a white pencil on the skin the special targeting grid that ensures the ultimate scanning of the skin with the laser beam.

If it is a sensitive area, an anaesthetic cream can be used to reduce discomfort during the hair removal process. Regardless of the site of the hair removal, both you and the esthetician wear special protective glasses to avoid eye damage from the laser flashes.

2nd Step

The aesthetician directs the laser beam to the area of action. At the same time, special equipment for local skin cooling is used, with a cold air emission system making the procedure practically painless.

The time of treatment depends on how large the area of laser hair removal application is. Small areas such as the upper lip may only require a few minutes, while larger areas such as the chest or back may take an hour or more.

3d Step

After the treatment is complete, the nurse applies a soothing cream to the area.

Before you leave, you are given instructions on how to care for the area and make your next appointment. The ideal interval between laser hair removal appointments is 30-40 days.

After your 1st session

  • After the first session, you can expect a 10-25% reduction in hair growth

  • Your skin may be slightly irritated for 2-3 hours

  • In the following days use mild soap and moisturise your skin sufficiently

  • Avoid sun exposure and sweat-inducing activities for the first 2-3 days

  • Next time, apply sunscreen diligently if it is an area exposed to the sun

  • Results will be clearly visible after 6 sessions

The most popular depilation areas

  • Popular hair removal areas for women

    On the face

    • Upper lip
    • Cheeks

    On the body

    • Feet
    • Armpits
    • Bikini line
    • Belly line
  • Popular hair removal areas for men

    On the face

    • Beard line

    On the body

    • Back
    • Chest
    • Legs

Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Affordable prices & kind treatment

Gentle treatment, affordable prices, immediate results and most importantly impeccable polite professionalism, you feel comfortable from the 1st moment without feeling uncomfortable at all.



Excellent professionals. They don’t care just for money

I started full body waxing and it really is the best thing I have ever done. The result surprised me positively. They don’t look at the money, they look at how to serve you. A big thumbs up!



Very polite and helpful staff

Very pleased with the laser hair removal, quite meticulous work and perfect result! Thank them especially for their approach and professionalism!



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Good to know

Laser Alexandrite, Laser diode, Laser Nd-YAG & IPL

  • Laser Alexandrite

    • Faster application, ideal for waxing larger areas.
    • It is most effective on a wide range of skin types, from light skin tones to slightly darker skin tones.
    • Works better than other lasers on thinner hairs.
    • It is combined with cold air spray which makes it painless.
    • It is not recommended on very sun-tanned skin, but can be applied to lightly tanned skin by setting specific parameters.
  • Diode laser

    • Diode laser wavelengths can be adapted to the patient’s needs.
    • It can be used on dark skins.
    • It is not as effective as the Alexandrite laser, especially on light-colored hair.
    • It is more painful to apply than the Alexandrite laser.
    • More visits are required for permanent hair removal.

      * Caution: recently introduced diode laser systems on the market have less scientific research to support their long-term effectiveness.

  • ND-YAG laser

    • Excellent effectiveness in hair removal on darker skins.
    • Safe on all skin types and shades.
    • Can be safely applied in the summer months as well.
    • The application is not classified as painful, however it is not as tolerable as Alexandrite laser hair removal.
    • It is not as effective in removing fine hairs as the Alexandrite laser.
    • More visits are required for permanent hair removal.
  • Hair removal with IPL

    IPLs are not lasers, but intense pulsed light emitting lamps that can be applied to a wider range of skin and hair types. Their use is indicated for people who are not suitable candidates for laser hair removal. However, they do not provide the fast, immediate and permanent results that laser hair removal offers.

    In addition, compared to lasers, IPL systems are much less effective and require a much longer and more frequent number of visits. They are not recommended for sun-tanned skin, because they can cause hyperpigmentation problems and their handling requires special attention from the practitioner, because the risk of IPL side effects is high.

Permanent hair removal

  • Best financial offer

    The Cosmetic Derma Clinic partner will suggest the ideal number of sessions to get rid of unwanted hair and will make you the best financial offer.

  • The result that you want

    Our expert will explain how to take care of your skin before and after laser hair removal to get the best result: healthy, elastic and depilated skin forever!