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Small differences in size, shape or position of the breasts is normal and occurs in many women. However, when differences are large and cause aesthetic problems, they can be treated with plastic surgery.

Anisomastia is the visible difference in size, shape or position of the breasts. It can be congenital or due to various illnesses or surgeries such as removal of breast tumors.

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The Procedure

The surgery to correct anisomastia may include an increase of the smaller breast with a silicone implant placement, the decrease of the larger one, or both procedures simultaneously. Depending on the nature and causes of anisomastia the surgeon will choose the appropriate intervention for correction. The postoperative course is similar to other breast surgery procedures.

It is performed under general anesthesia and the patient needs to stay in the clinic for one night as a precaution.

Depending on the type and causes of anisomastia, the surgeon, after a complete clinical examination will choose the appropriate personalized operation to correct the anisomastia.


Postoperative Course

Immediately after the operation, a pressure bandage is placed, which is removed one day later, where a special bra is placed. The special bra must remain for a period of one month.