Chin Surgery

Chin Surgery is an operation aimed at improving the appearance of the chin. It is performed either to increase or decrease the chin, depending on whether there is a problem of prognathism or hypoplasia of the chin.

Chin Surgery
Dr. Ioannis Dalianoudis Plastic Surgeon

“The purpose of Chin Surgery is to create a harmonious face with correct proportions. It is often combined with rhinoplasty (simple or mixed) and then the combination of these two procedures is called profiloplasty because it completely reshapes the profile of the face”.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ioannis Dalianoudis

Chin Augmentation Surgery

There are two main surgical techniques for Chin Augmentation Surgery:

  • The first involves osteotomy and osteotransplantation of the mandible. In this case, a wedge-shaped piece of bone in the mandible corresponding to the tip of the chin is excised and fixed a few millimetres or centimetres further forward.
  • The second technique involves the placement of an implant, mainly silicone, of an appropriate size and shape determined preoperatively. An osteochondral part of the nose may also be used as an insert after appropriate treatment.

In both surgical techniques the chin is accessed through an intraoral incision at the border of the mandibular gingiva and the mucosa of the lower lip.

Chin Reduction Surgery

In Chin Reduction Surgery, an osteotomy is performed using an osteotome, so that the lower jaw can be reduced in size and may also require osteosynthesis. The wound is sutured intra-oral and a pressure dressing is applied.

The chin is accessed through an intraoral incision at the border of the mandibular gum and the lower lip mucosa, as in augmentation Chin Surgery.

Bloodless Chin Surgery

This is not surgery, but a technique of augmentation Chin Surgery with the injection of hyaluronic acid. It is only used in certain cases when the problem is not particularly serious. The advantages of this method include the fact that it is a painless procedure, which is carried out in the surgery and is completed within 10 minutes.

The result of the method lasts for about 1-1.5 years, i.e. it is not permanent and this treatment cannot solve all chin hypoplasia problems.


Chin Surgery

Can Chin Surgery be combined with another treatment?

As suggested by the Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ioannis Dalianoudis, Chin Surgery should be considered together with rhinoplasty, for reasons of symmetry of the face. When Chin Surgery and rhinoplasty are combined, the procedure is called profiloplasty because it completely reshapes the facial profile.

What should I watch out for after the surgery?

After the procedure, the patient will need to take antibiotics in combination with topical antisepsis for one week. Also, for this period, liquid food is recommended.

When can I return to my daily activities and work after the Chin Surgery?

The patient is advised to return to work one week after surgery so that the intra-oral sutures have been removed. Physical exercise is recommended to be avoided for approximately 2 weeks after the Chin Surgery.

When does the result of the Chin Surgery become visible?

The result is visible from the first few days, and is finalized within the next two months.

Are there any complications from the Chin Surgery?

When the procedure is performed by an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, the risk of serious complications is minimized. The most common complications that may be seen are hematoma and inflammation in the area of the surgery.

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