COVID-19 Protection measures

At Cosmetic Derma Medicine, with the main concern of protecting the patients and the staff of our clinics, appointments are made in compliance with all the prescribed protection measures.

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According to the respective instructions of the NPHO to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the following protective measures are applied in all our clinics:

  1. Upon entering the clinic, a thermometry is carried out at a distance.
  2. The patient is asked whether he/she has any symptoms, the question and the negative answer are recorded on the medical report and the patient signs it.
  3. Appointments are made 30 minutes apart to avoid confusion in the waiting areas.
  4. Treatments are carried out following a medical opinion on the necessity, suitability and safety of the treatment.
  5. According to the instructions, patients should enter the clinic wearing a special protective mask.
  6. In case of visiting the clinic in the presence of an attendant, the attendant should also apply hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene measures during their stay in the health care facility.
  7. Clinic staff (doctors, nurses, clinic manager, receptionist) use and apply all personal protection measures (mask, gloves, regular hand washing).
  8. All rooms are ventilated and properly disinfected after each treatment.
  9. Regular disinfection shall be carried out with particular care and frequency of common areas, doctors’ offices, WCs, instruments, beds, beds, armchairs and in general any surface on which a viral load may be present.
  10. Special disinfection devices have been installed in all areas of the surgeries.
  11. Clinic staff are properly trained in the indications and type of personal protective equipment, the procedure for its application and removal, and its proper disposal or management according to the manufacturer’s instructions.