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Exosomes: The Top Anti-Aging Treatment for Face and Body

What it is Exosomes Treatment

Exosomes are the up-to-date solution of regenerative aesthetic medicine against the signs of time. In treating the symptoms of ageing, where the gradual decline of key proteins such as collagen and elastin leads to visible signs of skin ageing, exosomes are emerging as powerful rejuvenating agents.

Treatment Duration 30- 60 minutes
Result Appears 8 – 12 months
Cost Following medical evaluation
Technique Injectable, non-invasive treatment
Doctor’s Specialty Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon
Pain Level Painless
Anaesthesia Anaesthetic cream
Recovery Time Zero time is needed
Consultation Appointment Free of charge

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Benefits of treatment

Exosomes are the cutting edge of skin health and beauty treatments, with multiple benefits that are not only limited to anti-aging, but also address scarring, hair loss and other skin problems and conditions.

What are the exosomes

Exosomes are extracellular nanocystidia secreted by eukaryotic cells. They contain lipids, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, cytokines, growth factors, and genetic material (DNA, RNA) that regulate cell behaviour.

They play an important role in the mechanism of cellular self-renewal. By moving through blood, lymph and other body fluids, exosomes transmit therapeutic instructions and nutrients from one cell to another, which serve to repair DNA and regenerate neighbouring or distant recipient cells that have been damaged.

Obtaining exosomes in the laboratory.

How do they work

Delivering a rich supply of growth factors, enzymes and miRNAs, these nanocystidia trigger the cellular processes necessary to maintain youthful skin vitality and resilience, as they play a key role in remodelling the extracellular matrix, increasing angiogenesis and enhancing skin tissue regeneration.

How the exosomes work.

Plant derived exosomes

Plant-derived exosomes have turned a new page in regenerative medicine treatments. They come from various plants such as fruits, vegetables and herbs, selected for their resilience and healing properties.

Their compatibility with the cells of the human body ensures their safety and effectiveness in skin rejuvenation.

Rich in bioactive molecules, including vitamins, antioxidants and growth factors, plant derived exosomes offer a natural and effective treatment in skin care. A host of clinical studies have shown that plant derived exosomes significantly enhance collagen production, improve skin elasticity and mitigate the effects of aging as well as the damage caused by photo-aging.

What are plant exosomes.

Exosomes or autologous PRP mesotherapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a regenerative therapy that utilizes blood growth factors to rejuvenate the skin and has proven high efficacy in reducing wrinkles, increasing skin thickness and accelerating tissue healing.

Although PRP remains a cornerstone of aesthetic medicine, exosome treatment is emerging as an equally effective alternative due to its unparalleled wealth of growth factors and cellular regeneration mechanisms.

While the efficacy of PRP is undeniable, its multitude of growth factors pales in comparison to the vast variety found within exosomes. Exosomes contain over 300 growth factors, making them 100 times more potent than PRP. Clinical studies have demonstrated their ability to stimulate skin cells, increasing elastin production by up to 300% and collagen synthesis by up to 600%.

Facial treatment with PRP.

The steps of the treatment

  • Cleansing of the treatment area and application of local anaesthetic cream

  • Treatment starts by applying exosome serum to the skin

  • Since the treatment is done with microneedling, the depth of action of the needles is adjusted according to the area and the skin problem

  • Moisturizing cream is applied at the end of the treatment

  • The doctor gives instructions, such as using sunscreen with a high SPF and avoiding anticoagulant medications

  • You return home and resume your daily activities as normal

Areas of application

Exosome treatment is applied to the face and body in any areas that need skin regeneration and healing, such as:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest, neckline, décolleté
  • Hands
  • Belly
  • Knees
  • Thighs
  • Scalp

The application techniques

Exosomes are applied by mesotherapy microneedling or by topical application

Application of exosomes with microneedling.


The latest generation microneedling allows through micro-needles the penetration and absorption of exosomes directly into the deeper layers of the skin, thus maximizing their therapeutic effects. By targeted delivery of the bioactive molecules of exosomes, the natural processes of skin regeneration and healing are directly stimulated.

Local application of exosomes.

Local application

The local application of exosomes is an easy and quick method that is used mainly on sensitive skin. Through topical application of serum, exosomes penetrate the upper layer of the skin, known as the stratum corneum, channeling their therapeutic load into the epidermis and dermis.

Compared to microneedling, due to limited penetration into the deeper layers of the skin it may require more sessions.

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