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Cosmetic Derma Medicine, the Biggest, most Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery clinic in the very center of Athens, Greece!

A model clinic founded by top accredited, trusted, largely experienced doctors in the fields of Clinical/Aesthetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

The most advanced treatments concerning cosmetic, clinical dermatology and plastic surgery are available and applied by our specialised medical team



Facial acne is the most common dermatological problem that heavily concerns teenagers and young adults. Acne treatment is one of the most demanded treatments that dermatologists are asked to provide. What are the proper solutions?


Moles are growths on the skin consisting of cells that have grown in clusters and clumps. A dermatological examination will reveal whether one’s moles should be closely and regularly checked or they should be removed.

genital warts

Genital warts

Genital warts are nowadays a very common sexually transmitted disease. In order to achieve permanent treatment book an appointment with your Dermatologist – Venereologist who can suggest you the appropriate treatment.

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  • We provide high quality services in competitive prices
  • The scientific team consists of trained doctors, nutritionists, & nurses
  • We invest new generation medical equipment
  • We use totally safe and internationally certified materials
  • We ensure your privacy in specially designed treatment rooms


Cosmetic Derma Medicine
My skin looked very pale and aged lately. I could see fine lines around my eyes and lips. I didn’t want to do something that would dramatically change my expression. I had heard of Fractional Laser treatment. I trusted the medical team of Cosmetic Derma Medicine and after the completion of a 4-sessions treatment plan, my skin was significantly improved and my self-esteem was boosted!

You will find us in a modern, functional and luxurious space created by a medical team with years of experience in order to offer superior quality health & beauty services


Excessive sweating, namely hyperidrosis, is a phenomenon that can cause significant discomfort. Our specialised group of dermatologists & plastic surgeons provides effective and permanent solutions to this issue.

tatoo removal

Tattoo removal

The majority of those that have pursued a tattoo will regret this choice sometime in the future, according to studies. If you wish to remove a tattoo of yours the contemporary laser assisted technology offers you this opportunity!

Female Hair loss

Inherited, environmental and psychological causes may lead to hair loss that strikes women of all age groups. At our clinic we are applying the most advanced conservative and surgical treatments that efficiently solve the female hair loss problem.

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Cosmetic Derma Medicine

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