Dr. Sevasti Afantenou at the AMWC 2024 conference

Dr. Sevasti Afantenou at the AMWC 2024 conference in Monaco

Dr. Sevasti Afantenou, MD, MSc, Dermatologist – Venereologist and Scientific Director of Cosmetic Derma Medicine Glyfada, attended the greatest Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Conference, AMWC 2024, held in Monaco from 27 to 29 March, in order to present a clinical study on new treatments for herpes simplex.

Red light therapy for herpes simplex herpes

Dr. Afantenou’s very interesting presentation entitled “Red light therapy for reduction of the duration and severity of herpes labialis” focused on a common problem, herpes labialis, and the application of red light to reduce its duration and severity.

Argumentative herpes is one of the most common viral skin diseases, affecting nearly 65% of adults. Treatment goals include reducing the duration and intensity of symptoms, the number of relapses and complications of infection, and limiting transmission.

Dr. Afantenou, during the discussion with the scientific audience at the conference, emphasized the need for alternatives to drug therapies for herpes simplex and highlighted the benefits of phototherapy in reducing the intensity and duration of the infection.