Fractional Laser CO2 89€

Do you want to get smooth and shiny skin while eliminating the signs of aging? Thanks to the most revolutionary anti-aging method, Fractional Laser CO2, your facial skin regains its lost brightness and you look younger than ever.

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Why choose Fractional Laser CO2 89€?

Facial regeneration, tightening and smoothing of the skin
Removes damaged and aged skin cells
Simple and painless method with short recovery time
Fractional Laser CO2

Before - After Results

CO2 Fractional Laser achieves:
  • Facial regeneration, tightening and smoothing of the skin
  • Elimination of scars
  • Glow of the skin
  • Reduction of spots – freckles
  • Reduction of the width of skin pores
  • Visibly younger looking skin
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Fractional Laser CO2 89€

How is it applied

BEFORE the Treatment

  • Identification and diagnosis of the area that needs laser application
  • Thorough cleansing of the face, removal of make-up and other foreign bodies (e.g. jewellery)
  • In cases of extensive damage, a local anaesthetic cream is administered to prevent pain
  • Special protective goggles are applied to the patient.

DURING the Treatment

  • Adjustment of the special spot size of the laser to size and shape so that no part of the skin is left uncovered
  • Scanning the entire surface of the skin of the face or neck

AFTER the Treatment

  • For 5 minutes, cold patches are applied to the surface of the skin where the laser was performed
  • A local antibiotic cream is applied as a preventive measure
  • The use of sunscreen is recommended if the area is exposed to sunlight
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