Dermatologist - Venereologist Dr. Karatzeni Spyridoula

Dr. Karatzeni Spyridoula graduated from the Medical School of the University of Bari, Italy in 2011.

Ιn 2013 she completed her rural service at the General Hospital of Preveza.

Subsequently, she worked as a general practitioner at the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki until 2015.

Afterwards, she worked as a doctor at the General Hospital of Preveza and at the Kanalaki Health Center until 2017.

This was followed by 3 years of work experience at the University General Hospital of Ioannina, in order to obtain the specialization of Dermatologist - Venereologist in 2021.

During her specialization she worked in the outpatient clinics of the Hospital and in the Clinic examining patients, performing diagnostic tests and examinations, special treatments and minor operations.


  • General Hospital of Preveza
  • Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki
  • University General Hospital of Ioannina


  • Dermatology
  • Venereology
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