Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Elena Skamantzoura

Dr. Elena Skamantzoura graduated from the Medical School at the University "Niš" in Serbia in 2006.

Afterwards she worked as a medical resident at the General Hospital of Filiata, 6th Health Region in the Pathology Department until 2010.

Subsequently, she completed her rural service in 2011 at the special Regional Clinic of Ioannina Prison with active participation in clinical practice even after the end of her term.

This was followed by 3 years of work experience at the University General Hospital of Ioannina, in order to obtain the specialization of Dermatologist - Venereologist in 2017.

He is a member of the Medical Association of Filiates, the Medical Association of Ioannina, the Hellenic Dermatological Society and the Aesthetic Medicine of Greece.

He has participated in numerous national and international conferences and educational seminars.

Dr. Elena Skamantzoura speaks excellent English and Serbian.


  • Medical School at the University "Niš" in Serbia
  • General Hospital of Filiates
  • General University Hospital of Ioannina
  • Special Regional Clinic of Ioannina Prison


  • Dermatology
  • Venereology

Dermatologist – Venereologist Dr. Elena Skamantzoura - Resume

Participation in scientific conferences

  • 6th Scientific Conference of Medical Students. Thessaloniki, May 12 – 14 2000.
  • 7th Scientific Congress of Medical Students. Larissa, April 27- 29 2001.
  • 8th Scientific Congress of Medical Students. Ioannina, October 10– 12 2002.
  • 1st Scientific Conference in Neurology on "Multiple Sclerosis". Ioannina, March 15 2003.
  • Medical Symposium on "Assessment of overall cardiovascular risk in making therapeutic decisions in hypertension". Ioannina, March 29 2003.
  • 1st Panepirotic Symposium on "Hemoglobinopathies". Ioannina, April 11 – 12 2003.
  • Two-day conference of cardiology, Hellenic Society of Cardiology - Cardiology Clinic P.G.N.I. Ioannina, November 14-15 2003.
  • Educational Seminar on "Emergency Medicine and Nursing", May 17-21 2005.
  • Educational Seminar on "Developments in Internal Pathology". Ioannina, September 8 - 10 2005.
  • Educational Seminar on "Autoimmune Thyroid Disease". Hellenic Endocrinological Society (Thyroid Department) - Endocrinology Clinic of P.G.N.I. Ioannina, October 7-8 2005.
  • Educational seminar on "Hepatitis B & C. Newest data in its recruitment and treatment". Ioannina, June 14 2006.
  • Workshop of the Hellenic Atherosclerosis Society on "Modern trends in the treatment of type II DM". Ioannina, Μay 9 2007.
  • Postgraduate Seminar on "Respiratory Failure: diagnostic approach, treatment and management". Ioannina, November 9-10 2007.
  • Panhellenic Dermatological Conference on "Melanin Incontinence". Thessaloniki, June 2008.
  • Dermoscopy training course. Thessaloniki, June 2008.
  • 4th Panhellenic Congress of Dermatology - Aphrodisiology. Athens, November 1 -4 2008.
  • 15th EADV Congress in Rhodes, Greece. 15th Congress of European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. Treatment of SCC of perianal area.
  • Laser Assisted Blepharoplasty. Erbium laser resurfacing treatment of photodamaged- aging skin.
  • 2nd Conference - Attica Dermatological Days. Athens, November 10 - 12 2006.
  • 1st Panhellenic Congress of subspecialties in Dermatology. Athens, September 25-27 2009.
  • 5th Congress - Attica Dermatological Days. Athens, November 25 - 29 2011.
  • Dermatological Workshop: 3rd Dermatological Clinic of the "A. Syngros" Hospital. May 10 – 11 2013.
  • Spring Workshop. Thessaloniki, April 19 2008.
  • Spring Workshop. Athens, December 12 2009.
  • Spring Workshop. Thessaloniki, March 19 2011.

Teaching and educational experience

Teaching in the subject area: "Pharmacology" 4th spring semester of Institute of Vocational Training National Center for Emergency Assistance at Ioannina.

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