Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

Brachioplasty (Arm lift)

Brachioplasty or arm lift is a surgical procedure performed so as to treat arm laxity. It reshapes the underside of the upper arm from the armpit to the elbow. The basic factors for upper arm laxity are age, obesity, and weight loss.

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Topical fat reduction at the upper arms is quite difficult, because the fat deposits are genetically determined, and fat does not easily go away with diet and exercise. But even when the fat finally goes away, the skin continues to be sagging, which is an absolute indication for brachioplasty.

Brachioplasty | Surgery

Before being admitted to the hospital, the patient must undergo a complete pre-operative assessment, and shower with an antiseptic product. Then, the position and extend of the incision will be marked on the skin with the patient standing and his/her arm extended perpendicularly from the body, to best show the problem.

Brachioplasty is a procedure performed under general anaesthesia. An incision is made on the inner surface of the upper arm and then with a special technique the excessive skin is removed along with the adipose tissue. The incision is then closed with sutures in such a way to minimize the tension on the trauma which could lead to a scar. No drains are used. However a compression garment will be necessary.

Brachioplasty | Post-Operative

The post-operative course includes placing the upper arm in an elevated position and limiting arm mobility for a few days. Sutures will be removed at the 15th day. Well informed patients will find the results most satisfying, since there is significant improvement in the appearance of the arms. Brachioplasty leaves a scar on the inner side of the arms which may be visible in some cases, something that the patient must take into account before deciding to proceed with the surgery.

Very often, skin laxity on the upper arms is often accompanied by excessive fat, so brachioplasty can be combined with liposuction. Traditional liposuction without brachioplasty may lead to excess skin and must be avoided as a standalone treatment for major problems.

Brachioplasty | SmartLipo

No-scalpel brachioplasty, bloodless brachioplasty or non-surgical arm lift refers to the tightening of the arms skin without the surgical dermolipectomy that occurs during the traditional brachioplasty procedure. The method is performed with the application of the SmartLipo lipolysis laser and has excellent results in selected patients.

The best candidates for SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis are the ones who have excess fat in the upper arms without having too much skin laxity. The non surgical arm lift is performed only under local anaesthesia. A small, invisible incision is made at the back of the arm through which a solution of xylocain is injected in the subcutaneous fat. Then the optical fiber of the laser enters the subcutaneous tissue and executes a double job: It melts and liquefies the excessive fat, and through a special wavelength, tightens the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen in the arms. This method enables us to have the results of brachioplasty without the discomfort associated with the surgery. Moreover no scars are left behind.

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