Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser Facial Hair Removal offers a long-term solution to unwanted or excess hair that grows on areas of the face, responsible for both male and female self-esteem issues and embarrassment.

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δερματολόγος-αφροδισιολόγος-δρ-κωνσταντίνα-μάμαληToday, none of the “traditional” painful hair removal or side-effects of the past are necessary, owing to the innovative Candela GentleLaseand Candela GentleLase PRO Alexandrite Laser that provide safe and effective hair reduction.

Most of us have tried many different hair-removal methods that are very painful and leave red and darkly pigmented scars on our skin. Commonly used methods, such as waxing, shaving, tweezing and threading, can frequently leave us with ingrown hairs and razor rash or even cause more serious problems, such as melasma (liver spots), folliculitis, spider veins and increased hair growth.

Laser Facial Hair Removal | Results

Owing to the innovative Candela GentleLase and Candela GentleLase PRO Alexandrite Laser we can achieve a long-term solution to unwanted hair and hormone-related excess hair growth.

In general, Laser Facial Hair Removal process takes approximately 7-10 sessions performed at 1-2-month intervals.

At Cosmetic Derma Medicine, with our high-performance Candela GentleLase and Candela GentleLase PRO used for Laser Facial Hair Removal with Alexandrite, you can look forward to clearer, smoother and hair-free skin, fast and pain-free.

Our Laser Facial Hair Removal treatment is safe, whatever the skin type or colour and is suitable for anyone looking for long-term, silky-smooth results. The light energy of the laser is selectively drawn to the pigment of the hair follicle, leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.

Laser Facial Hair Removal | Areas of application

Laser Facial Hair Removal is safe and effective for a full-face hair removal and treats areas such as:

  • Forehead – Nose – Ears
  • Eyebrows (permanent eyebrow shaping)
  • Upper Lip – Cheeks – Cheekbones
  • Sideburns – Chin

as well as large areas of the body, such as legs, arms, underarms, chest and Bikini area etc.

Laser Facial Hair Removal | FAQs

What are the benefits of Laser Facial Hair Removal?

Candela GentleLase and Candela GentleLase PRO technology can provide superior treatment benefits that cannot be reached with other hair removal methods, including:

  • High effectiveness, permanent results
  • Long-lasting hair reduction
  • No shaving prior to laser hair removal
  • Quick treatments, performed by Dermatologists or Plastic surgeons
  • Virtually pain-free through advanced cooling technology

How many Laser Facial Hair Removal treatments will I need?

The results we get from the Laser Hair Removal treatment are largely dependent on the patient’s skin and hair type and usually require more treatments on facial areas than large body areas because of hormone-dependency. In general, to achieve clearance of an area, the process takes approximately 7-10 sessions performed at 1-2-month intervals.

Is Laser Facial Hair Removal right for me?

Laser Facial Hair Removal is a gentle and easy solution for those who pursue smoother, better-looking skin. All skin tones can be treated with laser hair removal, but the hair colour should be dark enough to attract the laser.