SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis

SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis

Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis is a minimally invasive treatment aimed at treating obstinate unwanted fat and orange peel skin, contouring and shaping the body, without the hassle of surgery.

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dermatologist venereologist dr tsiatouraplastic surgeon dr vekrisA healthy lifestyle – incorporating both a well-balanced diet and a significant amount of exercise – has become an integral part of our lives, but stubborn fat deposits and cellulite often persist, not only affecting the body, but also lowering our self-esteem, irrespective of our shape or size, making us feel uncomfortable and insecure in our own skin.

Contemporary Aesthetic Medicine has embraced Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis, commonly known as “the evolution of the traditional liposuction technique”, as a breakthrough tool to satisfy the growing demand for non-surgical treatments that break down stubborn fat pockets in a number of areas, including the abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs, knees and forearms, once and for all, without disfiguring scars.

SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis | Results

For optimum aesthetic results, team Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis treatment with:

  • Cryolipolysis
  • Cavitation – RF
  • Mesotherapy Lipolysis
  • PDO & COG Thread Body Lift

Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis effects are immediate and get progressively better in the following months, as your body metabolizes any remaining melted fat cells and new collagen and elastin proteins are produced. It is advisable to wear a special corset for a few days after treatment. Additionally, following a healthy diet and lifestyle will certainly improve and help maintain high quality results.

Laser-guided Liposuction Smartlipo procedure is based on the industry’s most highly effective subcutaneous ND-YAG laser to effectively liquefy unwanted fat accumulations, enhance collagenesis and promote tissue tightening. After the application of a local anesthetic, a small probe enters the subcutaneous tissue and generates heat that “melts” unwanted fat in targeted body areas prior to removal through a gentle suction process.

While surrounding tissues remain unaffected, the internal delivery of laser energy degrades abnormal fat deposits, responsible for uneven skin texture.  Apart from melting and removing unwanted fat, the procedure also spurs the production of collagen proteins resulting in inch loss, skin tightening and shape lines improvement.

At Cosmetic Derma Medicine, a single Smartlipo Laser Liposuction session is enough to rebuild lost confidence, without surgery.

SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis | Areas of application

Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis is the most provenly effective treatment for simultaneously achieving lipolysis, liposculpture and cellulite elimination, the most common application areas of which are:

  • Double Chin
  • Arms – Chest (in cases of male breast enlargement-gynecomastia)
  • Abdomen – Thighs – Buttocks – Knees – Calves

SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis | FAQs

Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis or traditional Liposuction?

Smartlipo Laser Liposuction is safely performed in a doctor’s office, using local anesthesia, with zero stitches, downtime or pain. In contrast, traditional liposuction is a completely invasive procedure, performed in an operating room while patients are put under general anesthesia or sedation. It involves longer recovery time and thus, more discomfort.

The added benefit of the use of the pioneering laser-assisted liposuction Smartlipo device is that, apart from achieving significant fat reduction effects, it also increases skin tightness and minimizes the appearance of cellulite. It is a one-time procedure that usually takes 1-2 hours to complete based on the size and needs of the area being treated.

After treatment, you may get back to your daily routine.

Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis effects are immediate and get progressively better in the following months, as your body metabolizes any remaining melted fat cells and new collagen and elastin proteins are produced.

Am I a candidate for Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis?

The treatment is best suited to those struggling with some kind of stubborn, localized fat that does not subside even with the most strenuous diet and exercise.

It is not a weight-loss procedure and does not cure obesity.

Combine SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis with the following:

Cavitation RF