Offer with special prices for laser hair removal maintenance

If you have completed laser hair removal and, after some time, you feel the need for a maintenance appointment, we offer you lower prices!

Book a completely free consultation appointment! During the appointment, we will evaluate your situation and let you know the total cost of the re-treatment based on the areas where you need some corrections. You can then decide if you want to proceed with the application.

Offer for Laser Hair Removal Maintenance

Maintenance prices

Maintenance prices for women are:

Treatment Maintenance price
1 Facial area 9 €
Full face 10 €
Armpits 15 €
Arms 20 €
Breasts or Chest line 9 €
Stomach line 9 €
Belly 10 €
Bikini 15 €
Buttocks or Loins 20 €
Shins or Thighs 25 €
Fingers 9 €
Full Body 80 €

Maintenance prices for men are:

Treatment Maintenance price
1 Facial area 9 €
Ears 9 €
Shoulders 15 €
Armpits 15 €
Arms 20 €
Collar or neck 9 €
Back or Chest 30 €
Penil area 10 €
Buttocks or Loins 20 €
Intergluteal area (Coccygeal cyst) 10 €
Shins or Thighs 25 €
Full Body 100 €

Why choose us for a maintenance appointment?

  • Safe and painless procedure using a cold air system

  • Get immediately visible and permanent results with Laser Alexandrite

  • State-of-the-art equipment and staff with years of experience

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