Chemical Peel and Facial Cleansing Offer

Experience the ultimate transformative experience with the power of chemical peeling and deep facial cleansing! See what this perfect combination facial treatment can offer your face and how it is done!
Deep cleansing + Chemical peeling = Perfect facial rejuvenation and radiance like never before.

Chemical peeling with a specialized solution for your skin’s needs removes the surface layer of dead skin cells. When chemical peeling and deep facial cleansing are combined, the youthful, radiant skin you’ve always wanted is the result.

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Benefits of the treatment

  • Beauty and aesthetics

    • Improvement of skin texture and appearance
    • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Reduction of age spots and freckles
    • Improvement of acne and acne scars
    • Smoothing of skin tone
  • Health and well-being

    • Elimination of oiliness and shine
    • Clean, healthy skin
    • Soft, smooth, and refreshed skin
    • Skin with a healthy glow
  • Prevention

    • Prevention of skin ageing
    • Prevention of the appearance of dyschromia
    • Prevention of the formation of acne and acne scars

Treatment procedure

Chemical peeling with deep facial cleansing is a two-step process used to improve the skin’s texture, appearance, and health.

  1. Deep facial cleansing

    Depending on your needs, using microcrystals or diamond, the sebum and other impurities are removed painlessly under aseptic conditions using special medical instruments. This step helps to improve the absorption of the chemical peeling.

  2. Chemical peeling

    In the second step, a customized chemical solution is applied to your skin’s needs to painlessly remove the surface layer of dead skin cells, revealing younger, more radiant skin.

  3. Ideal result

    Skin that is softer, smoother, brighter, younger, and healthier in appearance. The results are immediately visible and last for several months, depending on the type of chemical peeling used.

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  • Scientific team

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  • Safety

    The use of absolutely safe and internationally certified medical materials.

  • Affordable prices

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