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What does Sclerotherapy Spider Veins Treatment involve?

Sclerotherapy treatment involves the injection of sclerosing agents inside the enlarged veins of the lower extremities. The chemical substances that are used activate the vein’s clotting mechanisms, damage the internal lining of the vein and cause blood clotting within it, resulting in the destruction of their lumen and ultimately, their decomposition.
The number of sessions for patients varies from 2-6 at 4-week intervals. After each session, it is advisable to wear compression stockings or socks for 2-3 days.
Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Treatment has almost no adverse effects. After each session, it is not uncommon to get a warm sensation and a mild burning which will resolve within a few hours. A temporary bruising may develop at the site where the vessel was destroyed, which gradually subsides within 7-10 days with the use of special creams.
A small proportion of patients may develop mild hyperpigmentation (brown spot) at the treatment site, which is usually transient and gradually subsides and disappears with the use of special creams.


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