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Stretch mark treatment

Striae distensae, commonly known as stretch marks, were always a challenge for dermatology and one of the most difficult dermatological problems.

There are many topical therapies for treating stretch marks, such as moisturizing creams, gels and lotions. However, these methods are just preventive; they do not actually treat the problem, because they are not sufficiently absorbed and do not reach the depth required to provide an effect. Another method that has been used in stretch mark treatment is the topical injection of vitamine A acids (retinoids) and dermabrasion, both of which produce minimal results.

The most effective treatments for stretch marks are the following ones:


Stretch mark treatment with Fractional Laser CO2

Stretch mark treatment with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Stretch mark treatment with Fractional Laser and PRP combination

Surgical treatment of stretch marks

Stretch mark treatment at Cosmetic Derma Medicine

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