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stretch mark treatment

Stretch Mark Treatment

Should you be among the millions of people struggling with poor skin-image and stress because of stretch marks, you will be relieved to discover Cosmetic Derma Medicine’s Stretch Mark Treatment, one of the most popular of the Clinic’s therapies, treating the largest number of patients in Greece, using the most advanced methods.

Even though completely preventing stretch marks from forming is illusory or nearly impossible to achieve, this does not mean we should make compromises and learn to live with them, thanks to contemporary Aesthetic Medicine and Stretch Mark Treatment.

Stretch marks, also known as striae distenase, are colored stripes or lines that develop on the skin and treating them has always been a challenge. This type of dermatological scarring occurs when skin is pulled by rapid growth, quick weight changes or hormonal-related disorders that cause a decrease in collagen and elastin levels, resulting in irreversible stretching of the skin. Stretch marks tend to affect more women than men – especially during pregnancy – and, in most cases, tend to be more noticeable in areas where large amounts of fat are stored.
Stretch marks, depending on skin color, can appear as white, light pink, reddish-brown or purple blemishes, while the most common areas affected are the abdomen, décolletage, buttocks and thighs.
There are a range of Stretch Mark Treatments, including moisturizing creams, gels and lotion – mostly with preventive action due to limited penetration – and topical injection of Vitamin A (retinoids) and Diamond Microdermabrasion.
The most effective proven Stretch Mark Treatments, some of which are exclusively performed at Cosmetic Derma Medicine, are:

  • CO2 Fractional Laser: This is the most popular and effective treatment for stretch stripes and lines as it provides significant depth-reduction and color improvement of the stretch marks, simultaneously improving skin tightening and resurfacing. Thanks to CO2 Fractional Laser, you can expect up to 85% improvement after an average of 6 sessions.
  • Autologous Mesotherapy PRP: An equally effective Stretch Mark Treatment, it uses the beneficial blood cell growth factors to enhance the repair of damaged tissue, stimulate new cell growth, improve skin texture and thus, slowly restoring the skin’s natural texture and appearance.
  • CO2 Fractional Laser and Autologous Mesotherapy PRP Combination Treatment: Total Plasma Lift protocol, exclusively applied at Cosmetic Derma Medicine, combines the beneficial properties of PRP with the potency of CO2 Fractional Laser. Both therapies are performed together in one session leading to a more complete rejuvenation and an estimated 90-95% improvement of white stretch marks and a 100% of red ones.
  • Surgical Procedure for Stretch Mark Removal: Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck, as a surgical approach to treating stretch marks, can offer good results for the abdominal area. Being a totally invasive surgery, it is only recommended in individual cases, when stretch marks and abdominal skin laxity co-exist.

Stretch Mark Treatment results, although impressive, are highly dependent on stretch mark type, depth and maturation – thus, the number of sessions needed will vary based on the severity of the condition and treatment method.

Pregnancy is undeniably the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. But noticing the first stretch marks along with pregnancy weight and hormonal changes are often responsible for women stressing over getting their pre-baby bodies back. As regards to post-pregnancy stretch marks, it is best to start treatment as soon as possible, while they are still fresh and red. Depending on your post-pregnancy stretch mark shape, depth and maturation, the experienced Dermatologists of Cosmetic Derma Medicine will tailor the ideal Stretch Mark Treatment protocol best-suited to your needs.


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