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penile phimosis

Penile phimosis

Penile phimosis is a term used to describe the condition where the glans penis is unable to be uncovered. The skin covering the glans is quite narrow, so it pulls back the “cuticle” and the penis head cannot be uncovered.

The most common reason of penile phimosis among adults is chronic inflammation due to poor hygiene. Penile phimosis may also occur due to other types of inflammations, or when the skin is violently moved downwards.

Penile phimosis is a particularly irritating situation, that can cause infections and development of malignant lesions on the glans.

Another significant side effect of penile phimosis is pain during sexual intercourse, which causes psychological problems to the affected person. It is possible that penile phimosis shortens the duration of erection and premature ejaculation. All these side effects affect man’s sexual life and have serious psychological impact.


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