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Fractional Laser

What is Fractional Laser

Cosmetic Derma Medicine offers the latest generation of CO2 Lasers, the Fractional Laser. It is the most modern and innovative treatment for skin rejuvenation that cosmetic medicine has to show today.

Facial rejuvenation with fractional laser

Fractional Laser - Cost

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FAQ’s about fractional laser


Is fractional laser effective and safe?

Fractional Laser is a CO2 laser, a therapeutic device that has been used in medicine for 4 decades and has been proven to be completely safe. It is no wonder that they call it “lifting without scalpel”, because it is as effective as surgical lifting, without the pain and suffering the latter entails.

Is Fractional Laser painful? What should I expect after treatment?

Fractional laser sessions are relatively painless, and very well tolerated. The patient experiences a mild, subtle stinging sensation that is well tolerated.
At the end of the treatment, mild erythema develops at the application site which resembles the redness that develops following sudden exposure to the sun on a summer day. This mild erythema can be easily covered with makeup, and only lasts 24 to 48 hours

How soon after treatment can I return to my activities?

You may return to your activities immediately after treatment. The mild redness that may appear for a few hours at the site of application can be easily concealed with makeup.

How many Fractional laser treatments will I need? When is the treatment result evident?

The number of sessions depends on the skin’s condition. Four to 6 sessions are usually required at intervals of one month. Results are visible from the very first session. The skin looks rejuvenated, smooth, radiant and firm, with no signs of aging. In case of stretch marks and scars, the number of sessions required depends on the magnitude of the problem.

Why choose Cosmetic Derma Medicine for my treatment with Fractional Laser?

Cosmetic Derma Medicine has the most effective, latest generation CO2 Fractional Laser. Treatment is exclusively performed by our clinic’s Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, ensuring the best possible results.