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Facial laser hair removal


Laser hair removal – Face
Laser facial hair removal results in a smooth, clean and radiant face without a trace of hair on the upper lip, cheeks, chin and eyebrows.

Commonly used methods such as waxing, depilatory creams, threading and tweezing can cause serious problems, such as melasma (liver spots), folliculitis, spider veins, or increased hair growth.

Laser hair removal is the only method that provides a solution for facial hair removal.

Effectiveness of laser treatment for facial hair removal

Areas of application of laser hair removal treatment

Laser facial hair removal treatment - Prices

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FAQ’s on laser facial hair removal

Is laser hair removal effective and safe?

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Face laser hair removal at  Cosmetic Derma Medicine

Laser has been used in medicine for over 4 decades and this method has shown an efficacy across multiple clinical studies. Laser facial hair removal is the only effective and radical method of treatment.

In cases where hormonal problems are identified, more sessions may be required in order for laser facial hair removal treatment to lead to the desired outcome. Laser facial treatment performed by specialized dermatologists or plastic surgeons guarantees no long-term side effects.

Can I permanently remove white facial hair?

Laser beams are better absorbed by brown or dark hair. Cosmetic Derma Medicine also offers the solution for white hair. By applying the revolutionary punch hair removal method, developed by our center, we are able to remove all white hair simply, painlessly and at very reasonable price.

How many laser sessions will be required for facial hair removal and how often these are done?

Laser facial hair removal may require more treatments than the rest areas due to face hormone-dependency. In general, 7 to 10 treatments are required which are repeated every 45 days to 2 months. A laser treatment period of just 1 month is sufficient to provide the desired effect, i.e., a hair-free area.

Is laser facial hair removal painful?

Cosmetic Derma Medicine is the only clinic that has two different types of cooling mechanisms for the laser it uses. Therefore, laser facial hair removal is relatively painless. Upper lip laser treatment may be slightly more painful, but with the laser cooling mechanisms available, pain is of no concern.

Am I a candidate for laser facial hair removal if I have used tweezing or waxing to remove my facial hair?

If the hair has been plucked with tweezers, wax or an epilator, an interval of at least 15 days is required before laser treatment application. In such cases, we perform a laser facial treatment at the first visit which is then followed by a free of charge complementary session in 15 days. This is done in order to achieve full efficacy.

Can I undergo laser treatment if I have used a bleaching cream?

Bleaching creams decolorize the shaft of the hair and not its root. Therefore, laser facial treatment is possible even if hair have been decolorized. However, the frequent use of hair bleaching products makes hair hard, long and difficult to be treated with laser.