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Face regeneration

Get back your skin’s lost brightness and youthful appearance and erase the signs of aging.

With the term “skin rejuvenation” we mean the generation of new skin under the epidermis, which results in the correction of damages and defects caused by time.

With Fractional laser, your skin is reborn. It is the only laser that can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the epidermis intact, inducing the production of new collagen. So, without peeling the skin, Fractional laser erases wrinkles and spots, shrinks the pores, eliminates acne scars and substantially tightens the skin.

Fractional laser rejuvenation treatment can be combined with autologous PRP mesotherapy. This is the innovative treatment called Total Plasma Lift, which maximizes the anti-aging and skin rejuvenation results.

Skin rejuvenation treatments require a number of sessions, as fibroblasts need to be periodically stimulated to produce new collagen. Fractional laser, as monotherapy, or in combination with PRP, requires 6-7 sessions for a result that will last up to one year.

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FAQ’s on facial rejuvenation

What are the results of Fractional laser rejuvenation treatment? Is it safe?

Fractional Laser, a CO2 laser, is a completely safe therapeutic device that has been used in medicine for 4 decades. It is no wonder that they call it “lifting without scalpel”, because it is as effective as a surgical lifting, without the pain and suffering that the latter entails.

Is Fractional Laser painful? What should I expect after treatment?

Fractional laser sessions are relatively painless and very well tolerated. The patient experiences a mild and subtle stinging sensation that is well tolerated. At the end of treatment, mild erythema will appear at the site of application that resembles the redness that develops following sudden exposure to the sun on a summer day. This mild erythema can be easily covered with makeup, and only lasts for a few hours. 

How long is the recovery time required? When can I go back to work?

You may resume your daily activities immediately after treatment. The mild redness that may appear for a few hours on the site of application can be easily concealed with makeup.

How many Fractional laser treatments are required to achieve a good result?

The number of sessions depends on the skin’s condition. Usually 5 to 6 sessions are required at intervals of 20 to 30 days. Results are visible from the first session. The skin looks rejuvenated, smooth, radiant and firm, with no signs of aging. In case of marks and scars, the number of the sessions required depends on the size of the problem. The combination of Fractional laser with PRP offers the best possible results.

In what order should skin rejuvenation treatments be applied?

Fractional laser and PRP should be performed before an injectable treatment (botox or hyaluronic), which can even be applied on the same day, following the fractional laser treatment. On the contrary, chemical peelings must be applied 15 days after the treatment with fractional laser. No such restriction exists for the application of threads and mesotherapy.

Why choose Cosmetic Derma Medicine for my treatment with Fractional Laser?

Treatment is exclusively performed by our clinic’s medical team. Our doctors have treated numerous cases, ensuring the best possible results.