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Crystal Microdermabrasion

Crystal Microdermabrasion is the ideal and simplest skin resurfacing treatment to achieve a revitalized, smooth and clean face.

Thousands of microcrystals are sprayed on the skin from the special Diamond tip of the Smart Peel device, gently exfoliating the epidermis, removing dead skin cells, and deeply cleaning the skin by removing the black heads and reducing open pores.

Crystal Microdermabrasion

Crystal Microdermabrasion

In our clinic we offer Dermatological facial cleansing for all skin types.

No steam is used, because clinical studies have shown that steam may lead to rosacea and spider vein flare-ups, and often causes rebound acne.

The dermatological facial cleansing includes three stages:

The first stage involves gentle crystal or diamond microdermabrasion to remove the skin’s dead cells.

The second stage involves the removal of sebum under aseptic conditions by using a comedo-extractor. The sebum is painlessly removed with sterilized medical tools.

The final stage involves the deep hydration of the area under treatment with special restorative creams.

Crystal or diamond microdermabrasion achieves:

  • Deep medical cleansing of face, chest or back
  • Exfoliation and removal of skin’s dead cells
  • Smooth and improved skin texture
  • Skin brightness and reduction of liver spots
  • Smoothing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduction of acne scars
  • Rejuvenation and tightening, by creating new collagen
  • Better lymphatic flow and reduction of oedemas (swellings)

The areas that are most often treated with crystal microdermabrasion are the face, neck, décolletage, back, hands and any other area on the body where we wish to improve the skin texture and achieve rejuvenation.

Crystal microdermabrasion can be used in combination with other therapies such as:


Microdermabrasion and botox may be performed on the same day. However, microdermabrasion should precede the injectable treatment.

 Hyaluronic acid implants

Hyaluronic acid may be combined with facial cleansing on the same session. Hyaluronic acid can be applied before or after microdermabrasion.

 Chemical peelings

If, during the same session, chemical peeling is to be combined with microdermabrasion (cleansing), a mild chemical agent such as mandelic or glycolic acid must be used.

 Face mesotherapy

Face mesotherapy may be performed directly after a cleansing facial with microdermabrasion. It will enhance the results of brightness and rejuvenation offered by microdermabrasion.

 Fractional laser

Fractional laser may be applied directly after microdermabrasion maximizing the rejuvenation of the area where it is applied.


An Ultrasound – RF firming treatment must be performed on clean skin, thus thorough skin cleansing with microdermabrasion is required before its treatment with Ultrasound – RF.

 Thread lift

Skin cleansing must precede a thread skin lift treatment. Both therapies may be performed on the same day.

Crystal Microdermabrasion - Cost

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FAQ’s on Dermabrasion – Cleansing with microcrystals

What does the therapy involve?

The therapy begins with gentle exfoliation of the epidermis involving microcrystals or diamonds. This method removes impurities, dead skin cells and debris. If dermabrasion is a part of dermatological cleansing, then with the use of special tools, blackheads will be removed followed by deep hydration of the skin.

Is crystal microdermabrasion painful?

Crystal microdermabrasion is a very well tolerated and pleasant therapy. It lasts approximately half an hour and you can immediately return to your daily activities. In case of deep facial cleansing, there may be mild redness on the skin, which will only last a few hours.

How long do the effects last? How many treatments will I need?

After the first treatment, your skin will be radiant, bright and smoother. If dermabrasion is applied for cleansing purposes, it is advisable to repeat it 3 to 4 times a year. If you wish to use microdermabrasion to reduce liver spots, acne scars, wrinkles or for skin firming purposes, a treatment cycle of 7-8 sessions is required at 10-14-day intervals.