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Chemical peeling

What is chemical peeling?

What substances are used in chemical peelings?

Types of chemical peels depending on the depth of penetration

Indications for chemical peeling

Areas of application

Chemical Peeling - Cost

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Chemical peels can be used in combination with other treatments, such as:

Hyaluronic acid implants
Crystal Microdermabrasion
Face mesotherapy
 Fractional Laser


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FAQ’s on chemical peels


How many chemical peel types are there? Which one is best for me?

There are dozens of different types of chemical peels. Most doctors use 1 or 2.
Cosmetic Derma Medicine uses more than 20 different chemical peel types, depending on the skin’s problem and type, to achieve the best possible result.

There are superficial/light, medium-depth, and deep peelings. These include the fruit acids (AHA), the glycolic acid, the thrichloroacetic acid, the Jessner solution, the lipohydroxy acid, the salicylic acid, the azelaic acid and many more.

A consultation with one of our doctors will answer your questions regarding which type of chemical peeling is best for you.

Important note
The best time to have a chemical peeling is after the summer, in order to minimize the risk of exposure to solar radiation. It is also essential to avoid sun exposure and to use a high SPF sunscreen. Mandelic acid may be safely used during the summer months, and thus, many call it “summer peeling”.