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What is cellulite?

How common is cellulite?

Causes and factors that aggravate cellulite

Cellulite - stages and symptoms of cellulite

How is cellulite treated?

By controlling the factors that cause cellulite, it is possible to limit its development. A balanced diet, drinking plenty of fluids and limiting alcohol consumption can considerably help us. Furthermore, regular physical exercise also helps.

In many women, however, the problem of cellulite persists even if they lose weight and exercise regularly. If you belong to this category, aesthetic dermatology can help you get rid of cellulite permanently in a absolutely safe manner.

Cosmetic Derma Medicine applies the latest treatments against cellulite. Depending on the extent of the problem and the site of localization, our center’s specialized dermatologists will suggest the appropriate treatment for your case.
The cellulite treatments offered in our clinic are: 

 Laser Smartlipo

 Fractional Laser

 Skin tightening mesotherapy

 Cavitation RF 

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