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breast reduction

Breast reduction

The surgery to reduce breast size occurs either for functional or for aesthetic reasons. A woman may wish to reduce the size and weight of her breasts, as they make hard her everyday life, prevent her from engaging in sporting activities, cause pain in the neck and back, or simply because she believes that reducing the size of her breasts would have better cosmetic results.

During breast reduction, mammary gland, fat and skin are removed from the breasts, resulting in a harmonious proportion of the breast with the rest of the body and elimination of pain and discomfort. Also, if necessary, the surgeon can reduce the size of the areola, the dark skin surrounding the nipple. The degree of reduction depends on each woman’s body type.

The size and where the incision will be made depend on breast size, skin elasticity, and the technique of surgery. The incision is made around the nipple and continues vertically to the area under the breast. After making the incisions, the nipple is placed higher on the chest and breast is reshaped to its original shape. The breast reduction surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia. After the surgery, the woman stays in hospital for 1-2 days. She may return to work after a week.

The likelihood of complications is small and where they occur they are easily corrected. Some women experience skin irritation around the nipple, which is treated with antibiotics.

The results of breast chest last for many years and depend on the elasticity of the skin on the chest, weight fluctuations and possible pregnancies. In terms of breastfeeding, the breast reduction does not affect it, as does not affect the functionality of the breast.


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