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breast lift

Breast lift

Breast lift aims to restore the shape, volume and elasticity of the breasts without increasing or reducing their size. It is aimed at women who observe relaxation of their breasts, which may be due to age, pregnancy or fluctuations in weight. In some cases, it is done in conjunction with placement of silicone implants.

During the breast lift surgery, an incision is made around the nipple, a second incision that descends vertically from the nipple to the lower aspect of the breast, and in some cases it may be required a horizontal incision under the breasts.

The surgeon removes excess skin, usually with part of the areola while no breast tissue is removed. The nipple and areola are moved to the highest point and the breast returns to its natural position. The sutures used are usually internal and are absorbed through the skin. The patient should wear a special bra for one month after breast lift. In addition, the patient should avoid strenuous physical exercise, and can return to daily activities after about 10 days.

Breast lift is recommended to be done after completion of breast development. If the patient is overweight, she may need to lose weight before surgery.

Possible complications after surgery may be the occurrence of bleeding, inflammation, or disruption of the wound.


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