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Acne treatment


Acne is the most common dermatological problem and acne treatment is the most common treatment dermatologists are asked to provide.

Acne may appear on the face, chest, back and buttocks. Every area identified with acne requires special treatment.

Topical acne treatment

Systemic acne treatment

Other specific acne treatments


Treatment of acne with intralesional steroid injection (triamcinolone). Large and inflamed cysts are completely evacuated of cyst fluid and then injected with a small amount of triamcinolone solution.

Surgical treatment of cystic acne. Unsightly scars and persistent cysts may be excised when they are no longer inflamed.

Acne Treatment with Fractional Laser CO2. Acne pimples and unsightly scars may significantly improve with fraction laser CO2, which, by inducing minor epidermal injuries stimulates new collagen and elastin production by the fibroblasts, thus leading to significant skin rejuvenation. It is an innovative and safe treatment for acne and acne scars.

Acne treatment with chemical peels. Acne marks and unsightly scars may improve with chemical peels. This form of treatment induces a controlled chemical “burn” aiming in epidermal exfoliation, i.e., in removing its outer layer. The preferred chemical peels for active acne include salicylic acid, lipohydroxy, and azelaic acid, with very good results. Their effect in pimple reduction is immediate. For acne scars, deeper chemical peels, such as Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), are preferred.

Acne treatment with deep facial cleansing. The dermatologist can significantly reduce acne sebum and facial pimples after a thorough facial cleansing using a special tool, the comedo-extractor. Deep cleansing is not only a treating method for acne but also a preventive one.

Acne treatment with autologous – PRP and stem-cells mesotherapy. It has been found that apart from its impressive healing properties, PRP also has antimicrobial properties, reduces acne pimples and repairs tissue damage. PRP can be applied as a monotherapy or in combination with fractional laser (Total Plasmalift).

Photodynamic therapy for acne (PDT). It is an active acne treatment that uses the effect of light emitted by a Peterson lamp. Following thorough cleansing of the skin, aminolevulinate acid is applied on the active “pimples”. Then light is emitted from the special lamp, causing a photochemical reaction that leads to the regression and treatment of active acne lesions. Two to four sessions are required at an interval of 15 days.

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